31 December 2009

Things accomplished in '09.

Instead of making a list of things that I'll try to accomplish in'10, I'll make a list of things I already accomplished in '09. Sound fair?

  • ..I gave my cat a bath..

  • ....uhh..

  • uhm..

Ohkk.. I just sat there for 20 minutes. No exaggeration. Lets go with what I didn't accomplish:

  • I didn't get in shape

  • I didn't make new friends. In fact I have less friends

  • I didn't say "no"

Let's hope 2010 is a way less crappy year than '09. I'm going into my sophomore year so I'll still be somewhat of a scrub.

I have no resolutions. So that is that.

Off to go buy some noisemakers. Happy New Year

22 December 2009

Baby, it's cold outside..

Christmas is almost here. I'm finally settling down into the actual relaxation of my break from school because all the hustle & bustle of shopping for other people & not myself is finally over. Sort of.

Along with the typical Christmas things comes a few other things:

The day after Christmas, one of the worst days of the year because you know that you have a whole year until next Christmas.

New Years.. Which basically means I'll make a lame resolution & forget about it after a week. It also shows me my lack of friends as I sit at home & watch Twilight Zone for 2 days straight.

You know that feeling on the first day of school after Christmas vacation? Where everyone basically looks insanely hungover with that "WhyamIhereIwanttoleave&nevecomebackIhatemylife..." look on their faces. That day makes me want to drop out of school & become a urine collector for drug tests

All that aside, I love Christmas. More than I should. I don't need an ugly Christmas sweater party as an excuse to wear an ugly Christmas sweater. I'll just do it

So with all that said, Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

I will most definately not be posting a New Years Resolutions List because that is basically just publicly posting failure

Ps: Santa Clause in Spanish is Papa Noel. Cute

10 December 2009

Fever I know you've come to take my love

Being sick sucks..

Welp I'm still going to disneyland tomorrow..sooo

Dear cough/fever,

I would just like to let you know that you are not welcome here & if you could leave the premises as soon as possible it would be so greatly appreciated.


my body

07 December 2009


So the day I write the stupid little analogy about my life, it rains the next day. fate? maybe.

Rainy days make my face happy.

Go hop in a puddle.

Happy national cotton candy day

04 December 2009

You can run but you can't hide

I am personally not a fan of metaphors or similes or analogies..but..

Well my life feels kinda like rain right now

Sometimes I can see a crazy storm that could come, but it doesn't

Sometimes a storm hit very unexpectedly

Sometimes it's light sprinkling

Sometimes it could turn into beautiful snow

Sometimes it could turn into hail

Sometime's it's exactly what was expected

If I was someone else reading what I just wrote, I would kind of want to punch me in the face..

Oh well.