29 April 2009


Why does everybody have to take everything so seriously?
Most of my friends are 14. Not much to worry about. Life's good.
Why can't everyone just go with the flow? Why so opinionated?
I'm tired of all the weird glances to friends when someone says something.
No one in the entire world thinks exactly the same. Nobody's always right, all the time.
You can't always burst in with your huge complicated opinion about things and always be soo judgmental.
So I think a little different and I'm a little more relaxed. So what? It leaves for room for change and improvement. My mind can be changed easily. When I'm arguing about something I usually end up saying "Well, yeah you have a point. I guess you're right" at the end of them. Or maybe it means I'm always wrong. I don't know..
Happy Moment of Laughter Day.