19 June 2009

Feeling helpless..

I've constantly been put in situations lately where I'm expected to help and have all this great advice when quite frankly I have no idea what to do.. I know it's none of my business but people keep trying to make it my business when I don't want it to be my business, but for the sake of curiosity I go with the flow, when I really just want to tell them it's all bull, but I can't because I'm depended on to make it seem like it's so easy to fix the situation when really it's not easy at all and I just wish it would stop and we could sit down and work this out. I'm tired of the late night phone calls that end up in tears and I'm tired of having to be honest when I just want to "Ok.." and "Just keep praying" my way out of it. But I can't..They're my friends. It's a bit annoying how that works out but I just have to stick with what I'm tired of because it's not my decision or business..Even though I'm dragged into it. Every. Time. Siiighhhh...

13 June 2009

It's finally over.

Jr. High. Finally. Done.
The whole time at graduation I was pretty much thinking "Wow. This is it. Finally done."
It's summer. Yeah whatever. But I'm finally in high school. And when I'm done with that, in 4 short years may I add, the possibilities are endless. Colleges, maybe. Music career, maybe. Medical school, maybe. Flying away, maaaaybe!

Now is when it really matters. I have to pull my life together. I'm promising to myself, no crazy partying, no boyfriends, no slacking. I have to work hard these next 4 years and then I can pretty much do whatever I want. Wish me luck. I plan on keeping this as my public diary so I can track my journey along the way.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing--Helen Keller

Who would know more about life than a blind, deaf and mute girl? ;] If even she lived her life as an adventure, so can I...