29 March 2009


Life is weird when you think about it and really dissect it..

Closing your eyes when the sky is dark and opening them when it's bright and blue,
then going to a place where people sit in front of a big board and listen to someone talk about things from the past/present/supposedly future that no one really cares about, having somewhat of a short exchange with some other person on this earth that I happened to meet and speak the English language back and forth with, going back to the place where I woke up at, writing pointless things that I 'learned' about today on a thin white sheet we call 'paper,' and certain times in between this you put things in a hole in your face, which is the same place that the words came out of that day, then eventually closing my eyes for a certain amount of time until I can't remember what happened except for little portable movies that went on inside my head until the sky appears bright and blue again.