24 September 2009

10 Goals to Self-Improvement:]

1. Get into shape. So I don't feel like I'm gonnna die when I run one frikin lap.

2. Stop & think every once in a while..

3. Talk about my problems.

4. Make friends with those I don't like very much.

5. Fight temptation like no otha' motha'!

6. Stop caring what other people think.

7. Realize that sitting in a corner won't get me friends. Not ones I want anyways.

8. Don't think, listen[:

9. Stop being afraid to tell people my opinion.

10. Stand up for what's right.

07 September 2009

High schoolio.

I hate it. But that's what I expected.

Only a few friends.

Crappy classes.

Hopefully it will get betterer-ish