28 August 2009


It'll be 5 days until school :/


24 August 2009

Happy Birthday :]

I'm 14 now! :D

Wish me the best.

Ps: It's also National Knife Day.. Yay..

14 August 2009

Happy National Creamsicle Day.

Go eat a good book and read a creamsicle ;]

Have a nice day. I, on the other hand shall be babystting.

Livin it up.

10 August 2009


I think....I've decided....what I want to do...with..my...life.

Was that dramatic?

I want..to cook.

I've always kinda had a knack for it growing up and after seeing Julie and Julia (Which was frikin fantastic) I decided that that is what want to do. Culinary school & then who knows?

I recently made Chicken Picatta w/olives, which was pretty good, but it had no comparison to the boeuf bourguignon that I made. Mmmmm...Look up he recipes and it will literally make your mouth water.

But the awesome thing is, I don't have to go to college right now because I'm 14. I have 4 years of high school to decide. Super dooper this set up is :]

Weeeeeell, I start school in....24 days. I just counted. Faaaaantastic. i have to wear retarded uniforms and act like a saint. Dumb Christian schools. I have zero friends there that I actually like. Hopefully I'll meet someone fun and new.

I have so many friends at public school and I'd so much rather go to Novi.